Triangle Mushroom Society

The Triangle Mushroom Society is dedicated to enhancing understanding and appreciation of fungi, with a special focus on mushrooms, across the Research Triangle area, which spans Durham, Orange, and Wake counties in North Carolina. Our activities are diverse and designed to engage members with the fungal world through monthly lectures, regular meetings, mushroom hunts, workshops on identifying fungi, as well as incorporating photography and arts, alongside in depth evaluations of the latest fungal research. While we do not require membership fees, we encourage a yearly donation of $20 to the Larry F. Grand Mycological Foundation. These contributions directly support our operations, including the production of an annual newsletter, the organization of foraging expeditions and lectures, funding a scholarship, and covering various other costs necessary to sustain the society. Additional donations beyond the suggested amount are warmly welcomed and greatly aid in our mission.


Dr. Scott LaGreca


Uma Crouch

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Michael Bradshaw
Mark Cubeta
Rytas Vilgalys
  • Explore our Forays page to discover a collection of fungi photographs, captured across various sites on different days, each telling a unique story of our fungal adventures.

A small amount of funding, ranging from approximately $500 to $1,000, is available for students intending to utilize the NCSLG collections for their research endeavors. Interested applicants are encouraged to submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV), a cover letter, and a 2-page research proposal (references not included) to for consideration.

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