The collection of fungi currently housed in the mycological herbarium at North Carolina State University (NCSU) is taxonomically diverse and contains specimens from different ecological habitats largely from North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. This collection was established in 1970 and is composed primarily of wood decay (~2900 specimens) and plant pathogenic fungi (~3600 specimens), particularly those associated with species of woody plants found in forest ecosystems. The remaining specimens in the collection consist of mushrooms, jelly, rust, and smut fungi that are represented by approximately 2400 specimens.

It is a major objective to computerize collections in the herbarium for eventual release to the world wide mycological community and other interested groups via the internet.  This will provide access to data such as species, hosts, geographic locations, habitats and seasonality.

As we continue to digitize our entire collections, searchable data from our collections are regularly uploaded to The Mycological Collections data Portal (MyCoportal). To search our collections exclusively, navigate from “Search Collections” on the left navigation section of the MyCoportal website.  “Deselect all Collections” and “select” only “NCSLG”.  Then click “Search” on the right or lower sections of the page.

Our collections are available on Mycoportal  Portal

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