The Larry F. Grand Mycological Herbarium at North Carolina State University is housed in the Department of Plant Pathology, North Carolina State University (NCSU). Collections are maintained in 3419 Gardner Hall (563 square feet) in thirteen herbarium cabinets. An adjacent room (3416 Gardner Hall) houses the departmental imaging facility. This facility contains laptop and desktop computers, two research microscopes (a Nikon SMZ-U stereo zoom and a Nikon Eclipse E600 compound microscope with bright field, phase and interference microscopy). Each microscope is equipped with a digital camera with hook-ups to either a desktop or laptop computer. A light stand with a dedicated digital camera is also housed in this room.

Open to the public M-F by appointment.

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If any cultures interest you for your research please contact the Bradshaw lab: Contact. A list of the cultures available can be found here.

A small amount of funding (~500-1000 dollars) is available for students who plan on using the NCSLG collections for research. Applicants should send a CV, cover letter and 2 page research proposal (not including references) to mbradshaw@ncsu.edu.

Collection records at the Larry F. Grand Mycological Herbarium (NCSLG) may contain language that reflects historical place or taxon names in an original form that is no longer acceptable or appropriate in an inclusive environment. Because NCSLG preserves data in their original form to retain authenticity and facilitate research, we have chosen to facilitate conversations and are committed to address the problem of racial, derogatory, and demeaning language that may occur in our database. Insensitive or offensive language is not condoned by NCSLG.

Images by Dr. Luis Quijada, Michael Bradshaw and Christian Shaw.

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