Previous Directors

Dr. Marc Cubeta
Serving as Associate Director at the Center for Integrated Fungal Research, Dr. Cubeta was the former Director of the Larry F. Grand Mycological Herbarium.

Dr. Larry F. Grand
Larry F. Grand’s legacy was immortalized in 2011 when the North Carolina State Mycological Herbarium, established by him in the 1970s, was dedicated in his honor as the ‘L.F. Grand Mycological Herbarium’.

Collection records at the Larry F. Grand Mycological Herbarium (NCSLG) may contain language that reflects historical place or taxon names in an original form that is no longer acceptable or appropriate in an inclusive environment. Because NCSLG preserves data in their original form to retain authenticity and facilitate research, we have chosen to facilitate conversations and are committed to address the problem of racial, derogatory, and demeaning language that may occur in our database. Insensitive or offensive language is not condoned by NCSLG.