Summer College in Biotechnology and Life Sciences (SCIBLS) 2015 Foray

High school students associated with the Summer College in Biological Sciences Program (SCIBLS) at North Carolina State University (NCSU) participated in a foray at the Schenck Forest on Friday, July 10, 2015 with their instructor Dr. Melissa Merrill and members of the Cubeta laboratory (Lindsey Becker, Dr. Van Cotter, Kathryn Hanser, Brianna Hoge, Marie Meckman, and Megan Miller). The students collected fungal fruiting bodies (mushrooms), took notes on their appearance and the habitat where they were growing. The fungi were transported to the a laboratory on the NCSU campus for further examination of morphological characteristics and to extract DNA for sequence based analysis and identification.  Each student developed a poster that was presented at the SCIBLS Symposium from 10:30 to 12:30 on Friday, July 31, 2015 at the Talley Center. The symposium was attended by faculty, staff, students, and their parents.

5th Annual Bioblitz

Entrance sign for Stone Mountain State Park


Julie Cubeta, Liz Henderson, and Drs. Marc Cubeta and Rytas Vilgalys participated in the fifth annual bioblitz on May 16, 2015 at Stone Mountain State Park located in Roaring Gap, North Carolina (Wilkes and Alleghany Counties) to characterize the fungal biodiversity in the park. A comprehensive list of 23 fungal and 1 lichen species found in the park during the bioblitz was submitted to Ed Corey, Inventory Biologist with the NC Division of Parks and Recreation in June 2015. Articles related to the bioblitz can be viewed at the following websites News article 1 and News article 2.



Current herbarium group

Photo of Kathryn Hanser, Marc Cubeta, Laura Kaderabek, and Bryan Cody (left to right)


Current herbarium group taking a short break from herbarium related activities in front of an oak tree on the brickyard (from left to right Kathryn Hanser, Marc Cubeta, Laura Kaderabek, and Bryan Cody).


4th Annual Bioblitz

Goose Creek State Park Sign

Julie Cubeta, and Drs. Carl and Theresa Crozier, Henry Van Cotter, and Marc Cubeta participated in the fourth annual bioblitz at Goose Creek State Park on September 27, 2014  located on the shores of the Pamlico Sound in Washington, North Carolina (Beaufort County) to characterize the fungal biodiversity in the park. A comprehensive list of 63 fungal and 1 slime mold species found in the park during the Bioblitz was submitted to Ed Corey, Inventory Biologist with the NC Division of Parks and Recreation in December 2014. The rare species Veloporphyrellus conicus (syn. Tylopilus conicus) was found at the park and has been archived and assigned an accession number (VC 1821) in the Larry F. Grand Mycological Herbarium. We greatly acknowledge the assistance of Dr. Rytas Vilgalys, Duke University, for his help in identifying species and providing resources for DNA analyses.

Marc Cubeta standing over tables with collections of fungi from the Goose Creek State Park bioblitz

Mycological Society of America Award

Image of Marc A Cubeta

Marc Cubeta was recently elected as a Fellow of the Mycological Society of America (MSA). MSA Fellows are members who are outstanding mycologists on the basis of a solid record of mycological research, successful teaching and development of teaching materials for mycology, and significant service to the Society. This award is meant to recognize a core group of mid-career mycological achievers and outstanding MSA volunteers.

New Data Portal

We are currently digitizing both newly and previously collected specimens using both digital imaging and Specfy 6 collections management software.   Once digitized, we regularly upload most of the data to the Mycology Collections Portal (MyCoPortal).  To search our collections exclusively, navigate from “Search Collections” on the left navigation section of the MyCoportal website.  “Deselect all Collections” and “select” only “NCSLG”.  Then click “Search” on the right or lower sections of the page.


Recently, the Integrated Digitized Biocollections (iDigBio) consortia have integrated data from various portals such as MyCoPortal and making those data available in their portal.   They have also included tutorials for using their portal on the home page.

iDigBio Specimen Portal

Hello World

We  have populated most of our brand new website and plan to add fungal profiles as they are completed.  We will also post any news on this blog section of the website.  Thanks for your interest in our website!