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Mycological Herbarium at N.C. State University Renamed

NCSUPP_20111103_Clgweb_grand-260The mycological herbarium at North Carolina State University was recently renamed in honor of Larry F. Grand, professor and long-time curator of the herbarium in the Department of Plant Pathology. The Dr. Larry F. Grand Mycological Herbarium Dedication and Symposium was held November 3 in Raleigh. Symposium speakers included former alumni and internationally-recognized mycologists.  Alumni speakers included Deborah R. Fravel, USDA National Program Leader, Plant Health, Beltsville, MD who spoke on ‘Ug99 stem rust of wheat: An international solution for a global problem;’ D. Jean Lodge, USDA-Forest Service, Northern Research Station Luquillo, Puerto Rico, who spoke on ‘Hygrophoraceae of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park – How many have missapplied European names?’; and Lee Miller, Extension Turfgrass Pathologist, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO who spoke on ‘“Show Me” The importance of mycological herbaria in guiding future discovery.’ Amy Y. Rossman, Systematic Mycology & Microbiology Lab, Belstville, MD spoke on ‘The ideal herbarium in a perfect world of science: What would this look like?’  The keynote address entitled ‘Diversity and evolution of the wood decay apparatus in saprotrophic Agaricomycotina – How mushrooms changed the world,’ was given by David S. Hibbett, Warren Litsky ‘45 Endowed Chair Professor, Department of Biology, Clark University, Worcester, MA. An evening reception at the North Carolina Museum of Science was attended by colleagues, friends, and family of Dr. Grand.  The symposium and dedication were co-chaired and hosted by Marc A. Cubeta, professor, Department of Plant Pathology and Catherine J. Maxwell, Director of Development, NC Agricultural & Life Sciences Research Foundation. Organizing committee members were Heather Hartzog and Betsy Randall-Schadel, USDA APHIS PPQ CPHST, Raleigh; and Jane Dove Long, James W. Moyer, and Turner B. Sutton, Department of Plant Pathology.

Link for The Dr. Larry F. Grand Mycological Herbarium Dedication and Symposium Photographs

Link for The Dr. Larry F. Grand Mycological Herbarium Reception Photographs

To make a gift to the Larry F. Grand Mycological Herbarium in support of undergraduate research in mycology, please contact C. J. Maxwell, catherine_maxwell@ncsu.edu.

The Dr. Larry F. Grand Mycological Herbarium at North Carolina State University is housed in the Department of Plant Pathology, North Carolina State University (NCSU). Collections are maintained in 3419 Gardner Hall (563 square feet) in ten herbarium cabinets. An additional five cabinets are planned in the near future. An adjacent room (3416 Gardner Hall) houses a research technician and the departmental imaging facility. This facility contains laptop and desktop computers, two research microscopes (a Nikon SMZ-U stereo zoom and a Nikon Eclipse E600 compound microscope with bright field, phase and interference microscopy). Each microscope is equipped with a digital camera with hook-ups to either a desktop or laptop computer. A light stand with a dedicated digital camera is also housed in this room.

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